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STEM at Chadwick immerses students in exciting and experiential learning that prepares them for success out in the real world.

Activating a love of learning

The Village School at Chadwick International is where students spark their love of learning and begin to take ownership of their educational journey.

With a focus on play, inquiry and self-expression, students experience learning as fun and empowering. They form friendships. Along their adventure, they’re guided by caring teachers who help them build confidence, become active communicators and develop exemplary character that guides their decisions.

Village School Academics

Through the IB curriculum framework, the Village School lays the foundation for a lifetime of powerful learning. Students learn by doing and develop critical skills that support them academically while fostering personal growth.



Village School Curriculum

Learning and teaching are often integrative, which means students learn the skills and concepts through the interconnected scope of different subjects. Teachers share resources to support student learning.  



Beyond the classroom

Being well-rounded means learning surpasses classroom walls. With unique opportunities for growth in every direction, students start to see the world itself as a boundless classroom waiting to be explored. 



after-school programs 

Students can dive deeper into topic-specific learning with after school and weekend programs that focus on their personal passions and provide outlets for expression. Each trimester offers new program options ranging from sports and physical fitness to instrumental music and creative arts. 



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