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Village School News

Grade 1 students performed “TeamWork,” “Watcha Think About That” and “LOL!”  They explored these songs using their understanding of the musical elements of pitch, including Do, Mi, Sol, and La, as well as form. Throughout their preparation, they also learned about the different hand signs that show the highs and lows of music and explored the similarities and differences between various sections of the songs, knowing exactly when to repeat and which lines to sing. 


Grade 2 Students took to the stage showcasing their musical journey with three songs, “Just For Fun,” “Catch the Rhythm” and “Forward.” These songs helped them explore the musical elements of rhythm, pitch and dynamics. Throughout their journey, they also had the opportunity to explore different types of musical styles from around the world, including Jazz and Dance. By comparing the different types of rhythms used in each piece, they gained a better understanding of how they impact the sound they hear. In addition, they delved into the elements of pitch and dynamics, learning how to use them effectively to create different sound effects to truly engage an audience.


Grade 3 students showcased their talent by performing four spectacular songs, “Touch the Sky,” “Peaceful,” “Over There is My Future” and “We Can Fly!” Throughout their musical journey, they explored a variety of musical elements, including rhythm, pitch, melody, dynamics and form. Using this knowledge, they worked together to create an ensemble that involved singing several parts, as well as sound effects and body percussion, to produce a truly impactful sound. Grade 3 students also had the opportunity to delve into the world of sign language, using it as a way to share music and communicate with others. 


Grade 4 students performed “Go For It,” a song about thinking positively and setting high goals. They followed up with the song “Land of the Silver Birch,” a traditional Canadian folk song composed in the key of E-minor. The soothing guitar chords and the beautiful lyrics about nature and wildlife created a beautiful image of rural Canada. The third and final song they performed was “Teddy Bear,” a well-known current K-Pop song with English and Korean lyrics. The song features 18 guitarists, many of who began learning guitar just a few months ago, and four amazing dancers.


Grade 5 students performed the “Core Values Song,” which is unique to both the Palos Verdes campus and our Chadwick International campus here in Songdo. Our amazing singers were accompanied by strings and woodwinds. The lyrics about the two schools situated on a peninsula gave listeners both a sense of pride and a reason to reflect on Margaret Chadwick’s vision for our schools. They concluded the concert with “Don’t Stop Believin’.” The song, with the uplifting message of “giving permission to believe,” was a perfect fit for our Grade 5 students as they anticipated their move up to Middle School soon.


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