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Grade 4 Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education season is officially underway with Grade 4 setting out on the very first OE adventure. Students spent two days immersed in nature and hands-on learning experiences on nearby Yeongjong and Muui Islands. As they explored the mountains, forests and beaches, they learned about watersheds and tidal flats, participated in reflection and team-building activities, and practiced camp crafts and shelter building skills.

Chadwick’s Outdoor Education program isn’t just about spending time outside. Chadwick is the first school in Korea and the second in Asia to be accredited by the Association for Experiential Education, the organization that sets the standards for outdoor and adventure programming. From Pre-K to Grade 12, Chadwick students progress through a series of outdoor experiences and competencies that have been carefully designed to empower their sense of self and sense of place while learning in and for the outdoors. 

Reflections from students who participated in the Grade 4 OE experience last year showed deep personal growth and learning. In their own words, students shared, “I have the power to persevere and help others when they're going through a hard time in a hard place,” “being outside has a positive effect on me,” and “we need to protect the environment.” As students rise in grade level, their OE experiences increase in length and independence. This provides students fresh opportunities to tackle new challenges, adapt to new roles and engage in the natural world. 

Traditionally, OE trips are one of the highlights of the year for students at Chadwick. Throughout the fall and spring, each grade level above Grade 4 will have a turn at an immersive Outdoor Education experience. We look forward to hearing all that our students will learn this year!