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Village School students across all grade levels celebrated Pi Day with math-related activities, scavenger hunts, stories and more. March 14 is known internationally as Pi Day, the date with the first three digits of the mathematical constant pi (𝞹). Divide any circle’s circumference by its diameter and the answer is always pi, or approximately 3.14.

Ms. Melissa Fleck, who joined the Village School this fall as a math coach, designed Pi Day activities to get students inspired and excited about math. Younger students searched for physical objects in the classroom and school while older grades completed an online scavenger hunt in search of mathematicians and concepts related to pi.

Ms. Fleck works with the Village School to create opportunities in and outside of the classroom to cultivate interest and skills in math. Students who are interested in math beyond the classroom can find the “Problem of the Week” bulletin board outside of the first floor stairwell. Parents who are interested in math resources to use at home are invited to visit the math website for parents.