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Global Play Day 2021

On September 15, Global Play Day and International Dot Day coincided for one big celebration of play, creativity and connection in the Chadwick Village School. Students brought toys and materials from home to build forts, design marble mazes, create jewelry and design their own toys. They also played traditional cultural games in their world language classes to explore how play takes shape in different countries across the world. 

Since 2015, Global Play Day has been raising awareness for the benefits of unstructured child-led play. In a world where children spend an increasing amount of time in structured and adult-led activities, they are missing out on opportunities to develop their creativity, communication skills, leadership ability and so much more.

International Dot Day was founded in 2009 and draws its inspiration from the book, “The Dot,” by Peter H. Reynolds, which tells the story of a student who developed the courage and the confidence to share, all by beginning with a single dot. The day is recognized around the world as a celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration based on the lessons shared in the book.

Today’s celebration reinforced for students, teachers and parents that along with being fun, play can also be an opportunity for learning and a language of connection.