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Chadwick seeks to identify, foster, assess, and reward the following personal and professional qualities in its faculty and staff:

  1. Student-centered: Dedicated to the intellectual, emotional, social, and ethical well being of Chadwick students as our first priority; able to engage them collectively and individually as whole people possessed not only of intellect but of passions, feelings, thoughts, and lives outside of school; and committed to teaching in ways that inspire a joy in learning and engagement in every student.
  2. Collaborative: Wanting to work with colleagues and students and to contribute creatively to effective working teams.
  3. Professionally grounded: Not only well-educated and passionate about learning and teaching, but also committed to all facets of Chadwick’s mission and conversant with the research that supports our pedagogy.
  4. Innovative: Willing to try new educational approaches and modify program and pedagogy appropriately to take full advantage of learning opportunities.
  5. Globally minded: Understanding of the need to connect with peoples, ideas, and perspectives from around the world to prepare students for the future.
  6. Technologically competent: Able to integrate technology meaningfully as an essential element in the teaching “toolbox”.

CI encourages multiple areas of involvement with students depending upon the primary role.

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Get a glimpse of the city of Songdo through the video - "The color of the city SONGDO."

The video is provided by the courtesy of Mr. Kyoung Sop Choi (a.k.a.Jansoli), a local photographer based in Songdo.
The music is "Astronaut" by Kris Roche (