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Welcome to the Middle School

It is indeed a privilege to serve the Chadwick International community as the principal of the Middle School. In this year, I plan to support the delivery of the Chadwick program with an emphasis on the five core values of respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness, and compassion, with a special focus on compassion, in adherence to our school's overall mission in encouraging academic excellence, exemplary character and self-discovery through experience as our students continue to engage with the global context around them.

Since embarking on the path to teaching students in 1997, I have grown to understand that education is all about the students, and all else falls second to them. My pledge this year is to support the learning and growth of each student in the Middle School, making sure that they forge their unique contribution to not only the school and local community, but also to the greater world.

This will be the most exciting year for me serving the CI community and many more besides in the field of education!

Connie Kim
Middle School Principal

Highlights of Middle School

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Middle School Cardboard Boat Race


Connie Kim
Middle School Principal


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