Think. Do. Lead.


Outdoor Education

Chadwick’s Outdoor Education is a K-12 progression with age appropriate experiences and challenges incorporated at each grade level. Students learn how to deal with challenges and will be encouraged to step outside their comfort zones to discover that they are capable of more than they originally thought possible, further developing their self-confidence and self-awareness. The program helps each student develop leadership qualities and communication skills. Through a variety of outdoor activities and challenges, students develop self-reliance and learn how to act ethically and responsibly in an outdoor environment.

Service and Action

Service and Action at Chadwick encourages students to get involved with their communities through volunteer activities, combines community service with pre-planned, thoughtful reflection activities, and extends student learning beyond the classroom into the community. Although there is no requirement for service at Chadwick, it is an expected and integral part of the Chadwick experience.

Chadwick International Community Program

Chadwick International Community Programs (CICP) includes all after school Programming in the Village School and some programming in the Middle School. Teachers, students and participants have an opportunity to be involved in activities such as Swimming, Soccer (Girls & Boys), Ice Hockey, Indoor Rock Climbing, Taekwondo, Yoga, Fencing, Creative Clay, etc.

Instrument Music Program

Chadwick’s Instrumental Music Program (IMP) allows students to learn how to play a musical instrument in school with individual instruction. The lesson schedule is done in such a way as to only deduct three hours per subject in the entire year. Homeroom teachers, knowing how a student is doing academically, can recommend whether or not s/he is ready to be involved in the program.

Korean Scholastic Credentials Recognition

The Korean Scholastic Credential Recognition (KSCR) program provides Middle School students with the opportunity to take Korean Language within the school day and Korean Social Studies courses in an after-school program. Students earn qualification for completing the regular course of Korean middle school.