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People / Community

Dear Family and Friends,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Chadwick International. Stepping onto our beautiful campus, the first thing you will notice is the deep sense of community and the high level of engagement among our students, faculty and parents. Our community continually draws from our well-established traditions while reflecting our local culture of innovation and best practice.

Chadwick International is the second campus to Chadwick School, established in 1935 by a visionary, progressive educator, Margaret Chadwick. We provide our students with a balance of academic, experiential and ethical skills so they are well prepared to interact in the world of today and have the schema to become decision makers and leaders in a highly complex and quickly shifting future landscape.

When I walk our halls, around every corner I see the realization of growth – in people, situations, and even spaces. We are incredibly privileged to have such a fantastic facility and daily we work to take advantage of its unique features to enhance student learning.

  • Walking by the aquatic center you will see students of all ages first learning to swim and then progressing toward competitive team swimming.
  • Enter the theater and see young students standing on our stage confidently sharing their learning with the community and older students performing complex musical solos.
  • Athletic fields and gymnasiums allow space for students to test their physical limits both in skill development and competitive interscholastic tournaments.
  • Classrooms at all levels are filled with highly engaged adult and student learners asking questions and solving real world problems.
  • Our design classrooms are multidisciplinary spaces that extend beyond their walls to connect learning in multiple subjects to real design challenges in the world outside our school.
  • Our garden offers space for students to get their hands dirty, see the circle of life and reap the rewards of their hard work.
  • Art studios offer students the opportunity to begin defining how to express themselves as well as complex portfolios rivaling professional artists.

Throughout our three buildings you will find students hard at work who are expected to go beyond the drudgery of rote learning to find meaning, purpose and joy in actual problem solving and inquiry.

Chadwick International is a proud three program IB World School with the well established Primary Years Programme setting the foundation for the developing Middle Years Programme and the inaugural Diploma Programme. The IB Learner Profile encourages students to be courageous, balanced, knowledgeable, caring, reflective, principled, open-minded, communicators, thinkers, and inquirers. This aligns, complements and enhances the Chadwick five Core Values of compassion, fairness, honesty, responsibility and respect. Merging of the Core Values and the IB Learner Profile makes for students who are highly capable AND thoughtful about how actions and decisions have broader impact on their community and the world. Our students have academic expertise and are able to frame this intellectual depth with ethical grounding so their decisions are tied both to knowledge and to stewardship.

We welcome you to join us on our educational journey.


Shelly Luke Wille
Head of School
Chadwick International

"When I walk our halls, around every corner I see the realization of growth – in people, situations, and even spaces." - Shelly Luke Wille, Head of School