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Head of School Letters

2018-2019 School Year

[December 11, 2018] MS Principal Announcement

Dear Chadwick Parents,

I am delighted to announce to you the appointment of Ms. Jacqueline (Jacqui) Cameron as Middle School Principal next year, succeeding our esteemed Connie Kim. Jacqui currently serves as the Assistant Director and Curriculum Specialist of the K- 6 Village School at Chadwick School in California. She is well known to many CI students and parents, as she was a founding faculty member of our school after having taught in Australia, Greece and China, and rose to become Vice Principal and Primary Years Program Coordinator at CI from 2011-2013. Jacqui has done an outstanding job working with and leading students and faculty on both Chadwick campuses: developing ambitious plans, mobilizing teams, and generating enthusiasm and progress in all endeavors.

Jacqui's appointment marks the conclusion of a very competitive and successful international search led by a top U.S. consulting firm. Over the past two weeks, four highly capable finalists each visited the CI campus for two full days. Each met with students, parents, faculty, and staff, all of whom were asked for and provided valuable feedback. Jacqui earned high marks from all constituencies.

Jacqui will return to CI with her husband Wyatt, a past and future CI faculty member, and sons Finn (10th grade) and Kai (7th grade), both of whom attended CI from 2010 to 2013. The oldest Cameron son, Race, will graduate from Chadwick School in 2019 and head off to college next year.

Jacqui's experience as a Chadwick teacher, administrator, and parent; her love of students and insight into their needs and potential; and her caring, open, and tireless efforts to support students, faculty, and parents will serve our Middle School very well in the coming years. We have a very strong Middle School team and know that Jacqui will be a wonderfully positive and dynamic leader of progress at CI.

Please join me in welcoming Jacqui and her family back to Chadwick - I'm sure that they look forward to meeting you and your children.

All the best,


Head of School / President of RCFG


[October 2, 2018] Middle School Leadership Transition

Dear CI Parents,

We have bittersweet news to share about our highly respected Middle School Principal, Ms.Connie Kim, and her family.

After seven full years of invaluable service to Chadwick in a series of increasingly important roles, Connie was recently selected from among a host of great candidates to become Middle School Principal at Hong Kong International School (HKIS). She has accepted that appointment, beginning August 2019.

As you may know, HKIS is one of the largest and most prominent international schools in East Asia; its Middle School (grades 6-8) alone serves over 600 students. Connie is excited about new challenges and leadership growth opportunities in a city that has been her family’s home in the past, and I have no doubt that she will meet those challenges in an exemplary manner.

I am extremely grateful for all that Connie has contributed to CI over its history and for the opportunity to continue to work with her for the balance of this school year. I am excited and proud for her as she will join the ranks of CI faculty and administrators who have gone on from CI to senior leadership roles in other schools. 

CI will begin the search to identify an outstanding principal for our Middle School immediately, and I am confident we will find a new leader who will be able to build upon what Connie has accomplished. Connie will fully support the selection and orientation process of the next principal, ensuring that the transition will be seamless.

Please join me in congratulating Connie and in wishing her and her family all the best - both for the remainder of this school year and for their coming adventure in Hong Kong.

Yours sincerely,

Ted Hill
Head of School / President of RCFG

[August 9, 2018] Welcome Back!


Dear Chadwick International Community,

I hope that you are enjoying these last (hot!) days of summer and are almost ready to start a new school year - our ninth at CI!

Having participated in the founding of this school in 2010 and having visited countless times since then as Chadwick School headmaster and Roessler-Chadwick Foundation president and trustee, I am delighted finally to be joining you here, fulltime and full steam. This is a truly remarkable and exciting community by any measure: students, parents, faculty, staff, and now alumni.

The children at this school are wonderful and embody more and more each day the five goals of our Mission: they are developing not only keen minds but also outstanding character; they are learning about themselves, and they are developing into global citizens who will be able to lead by example. They demonstrate daily their growing understanding of and commitment to living out our Core Values of respect, responsibility, honesty, fairness, and compassion. I have gotten to know many of our students over the years and I am so proud of them.

Of course, we know that they are developing this way because of the values that you have instilled in them since birth, the examples that you have set, and the love and guidance that you have provided them. Your embrace of the many kinds of challenges that we set for your children - academically and in so many other ways - strengthens them, helps them build the resilience that they will need in the future, and helps them overcome temporary struggles, disappointments, and even failures with growing courage and self-confidence. As parents, we know: life is a marathon, not a sprint.

And of course the essential factor in any great school is an outstanding faculty and staff - and at CI, we are certainly blessed in this regard. From around the world, inspiring, challenging, engaging, and loving teachers have come to Songdo, drawn by the prospect of working with your children, with you, and with each other. We are a school community of people who love to challenge themselves, learn, and grow - faculty as well as students. When visitors come to our campus, they sense immediately this electricity of possibility, of curiosity, of engagement, and they sense too the powerful and genuine caring that extends between and among our students, parents, faculty, and staff.

The beginning of a new school year is always a time of anticipation, of aspiration, of hopes and dreams - for every member of the community. My goal is to help this school and every child within it to develop their highest potential in terms of the five points of our Mission and in embodying our Core Values. I truly believe that Chadwick International can be the best in the world at doing this and that our children will be - daily - both the co-creators and the beneficiaries of our joint effort and success. In this way, our school community and every member therein can achieve our ultimate goal: to be of our greatest possible service to our fellow man, both now and in the many years to come.

A new school year awaits! I look forward to starting it with you on Monday!



Ted Hill

Head of School / President of RCFG