Think. Do. Lead.

Leadership & Faculty

"Teachers made this school. Teachers with a love of children in their hearts; teachers who are eager searchers of truth; teachers who are willing to share their longer experience with children and at the same time are able to learn from the naturalness and sincerity of their pupils.” —Margaret Chadwick, 1952

Chadwick Teachers and Staff are Dedicated, Passionate Mentors

Chadwick teachers know their students very well and become trusted mentors. Together with staff and parents, they form an essential partnership that guides the students and helps them perform to their full potential.

Our teachers and staff are the “best of the best” from around the world. More than 80 percent hold advanced degrees and many have had experience teaching abroad. At Chadwick, they work with a curriculum designed to teach students to ask questions, build connections between concepts, and understand how their classroom learning translates into the world and their own lives.