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Support & Services

Student support and services program aims to ensure that every student will be supported to develop and succeed throughout his/her school-life and into adulthood. The Student Support Team (SST) is a resource that develops strategies to support students’ individual needs so that they are able to achieve success in all areas of development. In order to gain the most comprehensive understanding of a student’s needs, the SST recognises the importance of a collaborative home-school partnership.


Chadwick International has a Student Support Team that consists of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teachers, Learning Support Teachers, Counselor, and the Principal. Members of this group provide expertise to support the learning process, to work with students’ families, and teachers, and to better understand the student’s strengths and challenges. The team meets on a regular basis to discuss the needs and progress of identified students.

As for the counseling service, guidance counselor works with advisors to build a trusting, caring environment for students to address issues that are relevant to their life at Chadwick International, as well their responsibilities as developing adolescents in a global community. Guidance and advisory go beyond just the delivery of curriculum with our students and allows an opportunity to develop a more meaningful relationship with the students and help to guide them through challenges that they may encounter in their social and academic endeavors at CI. The guidance counselor, with the help of advisors, seeks to empower students to make effective decisions through group lessons and presentations, one on one meetings with parents, students and teachers and individualized classroom assistance. Much more than the academic curriculum is happening in the lives of students at school and it is the role of the guidance counselor to look for opportunities, with the help of advisors, to build a balanced environment that takes into account the mental, physical, social and emotional health of the students.

College Counseling

In addition to preparation for college, Chadwick International, through the College Counseling Office, guides students and families through the college admissions process by helping each student assess and select colleges appropriate to his or her interests and demonstrated abilities. The success of the college preparatory and counseling programs at Chadwick International are not measured by the number of students who gained admission to a particular college or list of colleges, but by the appropriateness of each placement and the quality of work our students will do when in college. With an experienced college counselor and many resources, students and families can be assured that they will receive the considerable personal attention that this process deserves.