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Outdoor Education

Chadwick’s Village School outdoor education courses are progressively challenging. Beginning in the Third Grade, students begin building basic skills that serve as a foundation for back-packing adventures in Middle and Upper School.

Service and Action

Chadwick fosters the spirit of community service in the Village School through service learning such as making donations for a children’s home during the holiday season.


The Village School Exploratory program is “choice-driven” which means that students participate in selecting projects that allow them to explore new ideas and encourage the discovery of new interests such as: Gardening, Magic Tricks, Swimming, Spanish, Fun with the Balloons, Tree House Model Building, Digital Photography, Table Tennis, Village School Play, Bookopoly, Robotics, etc.

Chadwick International Community Program

Chadwick International Community Programs (CICP) includes all after school programming in the Village School as well as some in the Middle School. CICP offers a variety of activities such as Swimming, Soccer (Girls & Boys), Ice Hockey, Indoor Rock Climbing, Taekondo, Yoga, Fencing, Creative Clay, etc. that can involve teachers students and parents.

Instrument Music Program

Chadwick’s Instrumental Music Program (IMP) allows students to learn how to play a musical instrument in school with individual instruction. The lesson schedule is done in such a way as to only deduct three hours per subject in the entire year. Homeroom teachers, knowing how a student is doing academically, can recommend whether or not s/he is ready to be involved in the program.

Korean Scholastic Credentials Recognition

The Korean Scholastic Credential Recognition (KSCR) Program provides Village School students with the opportunity to take Korean Language and Korean Social Studies courses within the overall Village program. The program supports mother tongue language development of Korean and offers qualification for completing the regular course of Korean elementary school.