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STEM at Chadwick immerses students in exciting and experiential learning that prepares them for success out in the real world.

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To develop global citizens with keen minds, exemplary character, self-knowledge and the ability to lead.

Our students know that a strong character, physical health and emotional wellbeing are as critical to their future as academic success. They learn how to overcome challenges and cultivate meaningful relationships. Practicing our core values of compassion, fairness, honesty, respect and responsibility prepares them for a life that is highly active, accomplished and fulfilling.

Learning at Chadwick is active, experiential and fun!

Chadwick International students learn by doing — and they love it. Instead of being lectured to, students are encouraged to lead their learning, which means that while standards are rigorous, they’re more focused on asking “why” and “how” than merely getting the right answer. Students learn to program their computer games, publish their own books, film their own movies and craft their own inventions. It’s an approach that’s as enjoyable as it is effective — and it’s what inspires an unshakable love of learning.

Courses are designed for collaborative, student-led discussions where lessons are related to the real world. Rather than memorizing facts, students question and reflect, draw their own conclusions, give and receive meaningful feedback, and apply what they learn to their own lives. In the process, they become confident, independent leaders.

Our curriculum develops the whole child.

Student learning is multi-dimensional. Our culture and courses are designed to foster healthy minds, bodies and attitudes for an educational experience that’s both academically and personally enriching. From the science lab to the soccer field, the art studio to the great outdoors, education is a multifaceted experience that allows students to explore their passions, identify their purpose and discover their potential. Developing the “whole child” means providing opportunities for growth both in and outside the classroom. Students learn how to powerfully balance school work alongside co-curricular activities and their personal lives.

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Our students are well-rounded individuals.

There is no box for Chadwick students. From Pre-K to graduation, Chadwick students uncover their strengths in academics, athletics, the arts, community service, outdoor education, global citizenship and other co-curricular activities. They get to explore and commit to multiple passions without being limited or defined by one thing. That means a violinist can also be a service club member, a student council leader can also be a swimmer and a lead in the school play can also be in the mathematics club. Students experience the joy in trying new things and discovering new talents. They learn to stretch their comfort zones and balance bigger lives than they ever thought possible.

Our academic disciplines follow the same integrative principle. What’s learned in one class is often relevant in another, like when Grade 6 students employed their math skills to budget a service trip to Budapest. Cross-pollination between departments expands and enriches course content. It also empowers teachers to form partnerships and communicate about their students. Instead of compartmentalizing each subject, students get to see that life is one big classroom and learning is everywhere.

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8:1 Teacher to student ratio

Our teachers lead by example.

A teacher and a student are smiling and looking at each other in the classroom.


Student: Teacher Ratio

Chadwick International teachers are so much more than experts in their respective fields. They’re compassionate human beings who come from all over the world to make a profound difference in the lives of Chadwick students. Their enthusiasm, support and genuine love of education are felt by parents and students alike.

Our instructors strike a delicate balance of guidance and autonomy, inviting students to drive decisions about their own coursework and become leaders of their own learning. Mistakes are encouraged so that students are unafraid to take bold risks and see where there’s room for growth. That practice of being courageous stays with them for life.

Many Chadwick teachers take on secondary roles as coaches and mentors beyond the classroom. That additional time strengthens bonds with students. They get to see their teachers in new roles and get a first-hand look at what it’s like to lead and thrive in multiple capacities.


Our community is active, inclusive and diverse.

Chadwick International is a family. Every single day, teachers, students, parents and staff come together to create an extraordinary educational environment. Our vibrant campus is alive with opportunities to connect and contribute.

Our students represent over 50 nationalities from 42 countries from around the globe. Each one enriches our community with unique experiences, perspectives and possibilities. We take pride in welcoming new families with the practical resources and emotional support they need to transition into Songdo life with ease.


The Chadwick International Parent Association (CIPA) connects parents and students across all grade levels through events and activities — like the Family Fun Day, Tea ceremony, Kimchi making, Hanbok event and International family potluck picnic — that form meaningful bonds and promote school spirit. 

Our sister campus — Chadwick School in Palos Verdes, California — gives students and parents access to even more connections, including our alumni. To date, Chadwick Schools have over (number) of active alumni throughout the world. Through our community’s ongoing example of compassion and collaboration, Chadwick students can envision what’s possible on a global scale.

Dynamic Resources and Opportunities

Chadwick International is a springboard for success in college and beyond. A partnership with Incheon Global Campus allows Chadwick students to take advanced career-related courses like Film and Media Arts at the University of Utah and Computer Game Design at George Mason University. As they explore potential career paths, students earn credits and get a sense of schooling beyond Chadwick.

Outdoor Education trips, international conferences and service learning activities away from home offer unique opportunities to travel while fostering cultural growth and maturity. Connecting regularly via tele-seminar and even visiting in person with peers at Chadwick School in California give Chadwick students a sense of independence and perspective that help prepare them for life at an international university. For those who want to attend university in the United States, Chadwick International is a powerful introduction to American culture that eases their transition abroad.

Our college counseling program begins preparing students for college as early as Grade 8 with a focus on health, well-being and financial literacy. Students are guided toward the schools that will best fit their overall needs and support their life path.

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We encourage every student to lead.

At Chadwick International, being a leader doesn’t always mean having the loudest voice. It can also mean encouraging the greatness of others. Our students learn early on that leading takes many forms, and that what’s important is that they participate in ways that demand courage, build confidence and add value to their community.

Every Upper School student participates in at least two clubs.

40 out of 60

Student clubs with a service component.

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Chadwick International students may take on different roles, but they never sit on the sidelines.

As early as the Village School, students are trusted and encouraged to serve as leaders both inside and outside the classroom with opportunities like Student Council, Honor Council, student clubs, athletic teams, after school activities and more. Some students lead under the supervision of mentor teachers and coaches, taking on greater levels of responsibility each year.

Some even start their own students clubs and initiatives. They learn how to inspire teamwork and express ideas, how to delegate and compromise to get things done. These priceless life skills prepare them to spark bigger endeavors, overcome greater challenges and surpass major milestones down the road.

Chadwick students don’t just dare to dream, they learn how to make their dreams a reality.

We’re Continuing A Proud Pioneering Legacy

Founder and visionary, Margaret Chadwick’s progressive approach to education lives on in every student who attends Chadwick. With the guidance of our teachers, staff and community, they learn to embody the core values of compassion, fairness, honesty, respect and responsibility. More than 80 years after Chadwick School was founded, those values continue to be the cornerstone of our culture. Our students take them wherever they go, forwarding Mrs. Chadwick’s mission of a world made better through education.

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Our Campus Is An Extraordinary Learning Environment

Students are running a race in a row on the field track.

The Chadwick International campus is breathtaking, but what our students love most about coming to school is what they get to do and, more importantly, who they get to be. It’s where curious sports enthusiasts become athletic competitors, where inquisitive gamers become digital media masters, where budding music lovers become ensemble conductors and where timid performers learn to shine center stage. Chadwick’s facilities serve as an educational playground  designed to bring out the very best in every student. It’s a safe, inspiring place they can call home.

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Our city is smart.

Beyond campus walls is the vibrant city of Songdo, a burgeoning “smart city” known for its next-generation technology, luscious green landscape and safe, convenient lifestyle. Many students and staff walk or bike to school. The city is also known for its exemplary educational opportunities, including CI, a campus of Yonsei University, Incheon University and the Incheon Global Campus, which includes The State University of New York (Stony Brook University and FIT), George Mason University, Ghent University from Belgium and The University of Utah.

Discover the city of Songdo.

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